Uri Bracha, Guitarist and Composer .

Uri Bracha’s music is a unique blend which expresses the multiple cultures in Israel and in the Middle East with Brazilian, classical music and jazz improvisation, Jewish elements and Latin rhythms

“I was amazed at his ability. He is truly a brilliant guitarist. He was definitely one of  the highlights of the festival”.

Review from the 6th International Classical Guitar Festival in Netanya Israel (2011).

 Uri started playing guitar when he was 13 and went on to study Classical Guitar with Haim Asulin and classes in Composition with Dr. yinam Leef at the Jerusalem Academy of music.

 Graduated his Masters degree in composition under the supervision of prof’  Gideon lewinson and prof’ betty Olivero in the department of music Bar Ilan university . Uri had won twice the cultural American-Israeli fund award for playing classical guitar.

After graduating the Academy Uri decided to go for jazz. He traveled to N.Y.C to study with John Abercrombie and to play with local bands. After playing with an N.Y.U leading group, Uri decided to travel back home to Israel, where, he believed, was the right place to write his music. Aside his performing uri made  

his 1st Album ” Every think you asked for” with best local jazz players in Israel.

2nd  album “Origins” granted him the participation in the 2002 Jazz Red Sea Festival. In February 2007, 2009 Uri and his group performed with new original tunes in the International Jazz Festival held in Tel-Aviv. In 2009 released his 3rd Album, Dou with Tony Pancella ” Different like two drops of water” and participated in International Jazz Festival held in Tel-Aviv in feb2010. 2017 4th Album ” Dance of life”.

As a composer, uri wrote during 2011 a concerto for viola and guitar & strings orchestra, performed by Haifa symphony in may 2012 .The concerto combines classical music, jewish elements and middle east music.

performed in the United States from coast to coast with Viola Concerto by Haifa Symphony Orchestra.

wrote a Guitar concerto during 2014 and perfomed  with Ramat Gan string orchestra, conducted By

Aviv Ron and played by Uri Bracha as a soloist.

winning a scholarship from culture minister for making an original Album

(2017)”Dance of Life”.

Written by Well known Journalist in Israel:

Uri Bracha 4th album featuring the artist vision through his unique guitar sound and original writing, expressing in his music the multi cultures and traditions in Israel and the Middle East.

2018 Invited with his group to perform in Dublin Irland.

Feb 2019 Playing in Eilat International jazz festival