Uri-29Uri Bracha, multicolored Israeli musician – Crossover artist  guitar player and composer, recorded  his 4th AlbumDance Of Life”.

In his compositions and performances, as one of the leading guitar players in Israel, Uri Bracha combines  techniques used in classic guitar and jazz improvisation, interpreting Israeli and Mediterranean musical cultures blended with Flamenco and Latin rhythms.

REVIEW: Uri Bracha – “Dance of Life” Almost Classic/cross over, Jazz music.

(Independent production, December 2017)

The fourth album of the guitarist Uri Bracha and his quartet accomplish a vision of multicultural music using his special sound on guitar and his original compositions.

Bracha is open up as a multicolored fan to create a musical melting pot that contain Brazil, Flamenco with eastern and western elements.

This is a unique blend of middle eastern music with Brazilian rhythms, played with classical, Flamenco and electrical guitar. Jazz meets world music and vice-versa.  Inseparable from the fresh wind that blows in the music, Uri Bracha is an outcome of melodic music, delicate improvisation and the instrumental colors.  The opening tune – “From East to Bahia” presents thrilling rhythmic transitions.

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